Acrylic, resin,glitter, found plastic, household rubbish and velvet on hardwood board
24x36x2 inches
Original and prints available

My Inspiration

This piece was inspired by photographs and videos from The National Geographic website which showed plastic islands in our oceans including 'The great Pacific Rubbish Patch'. I am fascinated and abhorred by this plastic. Ironically some of these images reminded me of bouquets of flowers as the plastic conglomerated into a patch in the sea. I began to see the beauty of this plastic pollution. I studied the work of artist Viz Muniz.


I collected plastics from the sea shore and salvaged plastic from our home bin. I melted, painted and cut this plastic into abstract flowers which I stuck onto a hardwood box frame. Afterwards, I thought about the waves and looked for a material to represent them. I came upon velvet. However I needed colours analogous to the flowers. Eventually I sourced hand dyed velvet. I folded it into a composition that represented the waves. After four weeks of changes I finished the piece with light blue acrylic paint and layers of resin (a plastic). I threw glitter onto the wet resin to give the iridescent effect. For me the glittering effect is indicative of the ‘glitz and glamor’ of much of 21St century plastic living.

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