Ode to Colm and Niamh

Acrylic paint, plastic leaves of paint and baked acrylic on canvas
38x48x2 inches
Framed in white oriental hardwood
Prints available

My Inspiration

A couple and their home in Dublin inspired this contemporary, mixed media painting. The couple are representative of many of our lives. They seek to live meaningful lives, filled with kindness, health and happiness. Like us all this is very challenging as they try to negotiate our consumerist society, a society where ‘plastic’ is king. This large decorative piece depicts the dichotomies of twenty first century living. It is made from over 250 plastics, fabrics and plants this couple encounter on a daily basis. I transformed these disparate pieces into a colourful, highly sensual painting in celebration of their lives.


I spent hours with the couple chatting and photographing their lives to get a sense of their style, values and taste. I collected some of their plastic waste. At home in my studio I sketched out my ideas and made colour charts. I started my process of sorting, cutting, melting and painting my ‘leaves of plastic’. I placed them on my canvas. Over a month I made numerous iterations, (or jigsaws) photographing each one. Eventually I decided on my best design. Towards the end I choose a deep purple to compliment and balance the business of the centre pieces. This piece will be given centre stage in the couple’s sitting room.

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