Acrylic paint, plastic leaves of paint, and baked acrylic on canvas
28x36x2 inches
Framed in white oriental hardwood
Prints available

My Inspiration

This abstract, contemporary, mixed media painting is based on my understanding of how we relate or connect to people and ideas. I’m fascinated with how one idea or person can change our path in life. (Perhaps we can change the way we recycle plastic!) I also thought about the symbiotic relationship between different people and ideas. This piece is a celebration of our ability to collaboratively problem solve when we form meaningful relationships in our lives. Artists such as Beatrice Milhazes and Viz Muniz inspired me to create this piece using innovative methods of painting and manipulation of different plastics.


I used bold primary colours. I sketched and painted shapes and lines onto the canvas. I experimented making ‘ plastic paint leaves’ from flat recycled plastic. I painted these to suit my design. I stuck these onto the canvas. I needed more texture. I baked acrylic paint in my oven and also applied these particles on top of the paintwork. Towards the end I used an icing gun to draw blue paint to create patterns around the outside. Lastly I finished the piece with an acrylic varnish. This piece will form an inspirational focal point to any modern home or business.

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