Acrylic Inks and paint, baked acrylic leaves of paint, resin on board
21.5x38 inches
Framed in a hard wood frame
Prints available

My Inspiration

Rivers entering the sea inspired this piece. Many of these rivers are contaminated with pollution. Fortunately in Ireland most of our rivers are clean and sources of inspiration. I wanted to portray these conflicting emotions as I thought about the beauty and pollution of our waters.


I dripped acrylic inks onto the canvas. I later dripped paints and glitter. I thought about stagnant pools of polluted water. I portrayed these using resin and paint. Afterwards I wanted to show how nature adapts and foliage grows even in polluted areas. I wanted to illustrate the texture and colour of flowers growing along a river bank. I baked plastic acrylic paint and made 3D paint leaves. These are representative of both physical and metaphysical growth and transformation.

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