21st Century Life

Acrylic, plastic leaves of paint, lids and baked acrylic on canvas
32x22x2 inches
Framed in white oriental hardwood
Prints available

My Inspiration

We have thousands of plastic toys and paraphernalia in our home which provided inspiration for this piece. We did a clean out. I salvaged broken toys and plastic trays. The plastic lego and trays were very interesting as they have a myriad of patterns. I thought about pouring acrylic paint into these and using them as a mould.


Many of the particles (leaves) you see in these pieces are the result of dried paint peeled from Lego moulds. At other stages in the piece I used the original Lego or salvaged plastic piece. I also baked paint in my oven. Over two months the painting emerged as these complex abstract pieces began to mirror our consumerist twenty first century society.

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